Green Leaf Scientific and Mightex Announce Partnership


Mightex develops cutting-edge all-optical cellular-resolution tools for optogenetics, photostimulation, and imaging, designed with life scientists in mind. This includes the market-lead Polygon1000 DMD illuminator for custom 2D light stimulation in cell cultures, brain slices, in vivo settings and more as well as the ground-breaking OASIS Implant system for in vivo calcium imaging and optogenetics in freely behaving animals. Whether studying signaling networks inside cells to large-scale neural circuits in the brain, by integrating various optical techniques together Mightex products enable scientists to investigate life’s unanswered questions and push the boundaries of life science research.

We believe that bringing together Mightex’s cutting-edge all-optical cellular-resolution optogenetic solutions with Green Leaf Scientific’s sales skills, customer service, and local market knowledge will support the expansion and advancement of research in Europe.

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