Sleep Deprivation System

Pinnacle’s AUTOMATED SLEEP DEPRIVATION SYSTEM offers a unique solution for sleep deprivation and sleep fragmentation studies.

It provides user controls for sleep depriving mice and rats without direct human intervention while minimizing exercise.

The system is sold as a CORE SYSTEM and Pinnacle’s FEEDBACK PRO SOFTWARE and EEG HARDWARE can be added for additional functionality. By adding Feedback EEG/EMG signals can be used to determine sleep/wake state and initiate deprivation as required.

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PINNACLE’S SLEEP DEPRIVATION SYSTEM is designed to gently restrict sleep without unnecessary exercise in rodents. This is achieved by a rotating bar placed a short distance above the cage floor, lightly nudging the animal from sleep and encouraging low levels of activity until the animal maintains wakefulness on its own. The speed, direction, and duration of bar rotation are fully customizable.

 Simulates gentle handling
• Limits unnecessary exercise
• Minimizes resources compared to manual deprivation
• Prevents sleep acclimation and habituation
• Accommodates water, food, and bedding
• Provides flexible scheduling controls
• Saves schedules for future use
• Integrates with synchronized video system


The chart below shows a comparison of baseline sleep (purple bars) with a 24-hour sleep deprivation period (gold bars). Six mice (male, C57BL/6J) were maintained on a 12-hour lights-on (horizontal tan)/ 12-hour lights-off (horizontal black) schedule. EEG and EMG activity were recorded for 24 hours (baseline). During the following 24 hours, each animal was sleep deprived by programming the system to rotate the bar within ten seconds of the mouse entering a sleep-like state, as determined by active EEG feedback. Vertical bars represent sleep time in 2-hour bins

Tutorial Tip: Secure crossbar with teflon tape.


From image: 

1 – Pinnacle EEG/EMG Systems: The Stand Alone and Feedback systems are compatible with all Pinnalce EEG/EMG recording systems.

2 – Optional Video System: Integrated video recording provides a platform for synchronizing EEG an EMG changes with observable behavioral states. Captured video is displayed on screen and is synchronised with other recorded data in playback mode.

3 – Cage: Both systems accommodate water, food, and bedding. A variety of cage sizes are also available for mice and rats.

4 – Rotating Bar: The bar rotates at speeds between 5 and 15 RPM and can be programmed to change directions to reduce acclimatization to the sleep deprivation environment.

5 – Multiple Controls: The system can be controlled by a computer or by the programmable interface on the front of the panel of the device.