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Neuroscience & Optogenetics
Systems for Neurodetection, Microdialysis and Fluorescence Imaging.
Cell Biology
Chambers, Cell Pressure and Heating/Perfusion Systems.
Electrochemistry & Data Recording
Sensors and Systems to Record Temperature, pH, Oxygen etc.
Nitrogen Evaporators
Nitrogen Evaporators for Analytical Chemistry Sample Preparation.
General Lab Supplies
Pipettes, Mixers, Surgical Instruments etc
A unique NOx Analyzer developed for Biological Liquid Samples.
In Vivo Activity Recording
Pulse Oximeters, Telemetry Implants and Running Wheels for Physiological Recording during Activity in Rodents

Green Leaf Scientific support research with quality products.

We have an abundance of suppliers such as Diagnostic Biochips, Pinnacle Technology and Neurescence to name a few.

We are staffed by scientists who enjoy contributing to the success of your research and will work to find the best solutions for you.

As part of the Red Box Direct group of businesses, we have many years of experience helping scientists achieve their experimental goals. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and  customer support.

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What our Clients have to say

"The nitric oxide analyser EICOM ENO-30 was a key acquisition for my lab that has enabled us to go more in depth in our research and to publish some key papers in the field over the last few years. Working in partnership with Green Leaf Scientific has been a great experience. They have been very efficient to resolve any technical issue and to let us keep working with minimum disruption".

Dr Raul Bescos GarciaUniversity of Plymouth, UK

“For many years now we have used one of Green Leaf Scientific’s systems in our laboratory and it is amazing to get to work with it every time a new project requires its application. Obtained data is always reliable and the services are highly professional.”

Andrea OderskyUniversitätsklinikum Essen, Germany

“I have used electrochemical and neuroscientific equipment from Green Leaf Scientific in my research for many years and have always found their customer support and technical assistance to be invaluable - especially when we have been setting up new facilities.”

Dr. John KealyUlysses Neuroscience - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

"Upon installing the new Green Leaf Scientific equipment in our lab we received good support and technical advice to obtain the best experimental results. Apart from that, we can always be sure of fast processing and delivery of new orders."

Marie-Laure CustersVrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

“We have worked with Greenleaf Scientific for many years. The equipment they supply is a vital component of our lab and has allowed us to generate world class experimental data which is published in high impact journals. Their customer support service is excellent and we have developed a great relationship with them over the years allowing for rapid resolution of any issue which may arise.”

Dr Michelle SandsMaynooth University, Ireland

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    Our Suppliers

    Green Leaf Scientific is a team consisting of highly dedicated scientists servicing the European life-science market. We are transforming research excellence by helping scientists achieve their scientific goals. We are renowned for a wide network of sales and customer service excellence and we possess the ability:

    • To make a difference to you and your research goals.

    • To provide expert assistance to you at all times.

    • To expand your network through our reach in the scientific world.

    We are an Irish-based company which is staffed by scientists from a variety of different research fields, each who have contributed to the success of Green Leaf Scientific thanks to their extensive experience in the life-science industry.

    Green Leaf Scientific: Choose us for better research.

    Neuroscience & Optogenetics

    If your research specializes in Neurophysiology, Learning and Memory, Motor Pathways, Sensory Pathways, Neurological Diseases or Neuroscience in Animal Models, we can be your one-stop-shop.

    Cell Biology

    Temperature Control and Perfusion Instruments for Electrophysiology, Patch-Clamp and Microscopy Research from Cell MicroControls, and Automated Mechanical Stretching Systems for Real-Time Imaging in Mechanotransduction Studies from Strex.

    Electrochemistry & Data Recording

    Plug-and-Play data recording systems, software and electrodes for electrochemistry and chemical research, from eDAQ.

    Nitrogen Evaporators

    Nitrogen Evaporators and Generators for Inert Blowdown with Integrated Heating offer Rapid and Gentle Liquid Concentration for Sample Preparation.

    Laboratory Data Recorders

    Units are used for the collection, display, and analysis of signals from many types of laboratory instruments.Can be used with potentiostats and galvanostats, pH and ion meters, dO2 meters, temperature monitors, and many more..

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    We supply scientific research instrumentation and software to laboratories across Europe.

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