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Optogenetics and Fiber Photometry

Range of In Vivo and In Vitro Optogenetic Systems that allow for the Stimulation and/or Inhibition of Neurons at a Precise Time and Place.

Wireless Optogenetics – TeleOpto
Creates a Complete Wireless Environment for OptoGenetic Stimulation through the use of Lightweight Infrared Receivers.
Fiber Photometry – TeleFipho
Detect Calcium Signal from Specific Neurons in Awake Animals using Calcium Indicator Proteins.
Tethered Optogenetics
Optogenetic Interface Module offers precise control of Optical Stimulation Duration and Intensity for Continuous and Cyclical events.
LEDA – In Vitro LED Arrays
Optogenetic Control of In Vitro Cell or Tissue Gene Expression.
Pulse Generators and Drivers
Components for Real-Time Experimental Control.
Tethered Optogenetics and FSCV
Tethered FCSV System and Analysis Software for Detection of Neurotransmitters.