Cell Biology
Chambers, Cell Pressure and Heating/Perfusion Systems.
Electrochemistry & Data Recording
Sensors and Systems to Record Temperature, pH, Oxygen etc.
General Lab Supplies
Pipettes, Mixers, Surgical Instruments etc
Nitrogen Evaporators
Nitrogen Evaporators for Analytical Chemistry Sample Preparation.
In Vivo Activity Recording
Pulse Oximeters, Telemetry Implants and Running Wheels for Physiological Recording during Activity in Rodents
Neuroscience & Optogenetics
Systems for Neurodetection, Microdialysis and Fluorescence Imaging.
A unique NOx Analyzer developed for Biological Liquid Samples.
Tissue Clearing
Binaree Tissue Clearing Solutions for 3D Bioimaging.
Tissue Slicing
Precisionary Instruments has specialized in designing and manufacturing tissue slicers. With our patented technology, we are devoted to helping you obtain the highest quality tissue slices for research and clinical needs.