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Biopotential recording systems for sleep, seizure, and general research paradigms in freely moving mice and rats, optimized to detect Local Field Potentials and Cortical Recordings for Cognitive Studies.

Our EEG/EMG systems use head-mounted amplification to produce exceptionally clean waveforms, even during animal movement, and are compatible with depth electrodes. We offer wireless and tethered preconfigured three-channel systems, as well as a flexible four-channel tethered system, which includes the capability to incorporate simultaneous accelerometer, optogenetics, or sensor measurements, suitable for studies involving sleep and seizures.

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Tethered Systems
Tethered Recording Systems provide a cost-effective solution with a fixed EEG/EMG Configuration. 4 Channel Systems accommodate Optogenetics, Biosensors and Accelerometers.
Wireless Systems
Lightweight, Head-Mounted Wireless Systems available in 3 Channel variations. Streams EEG Data in Real-Time using Bluetooth.