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HPLC and Microdialysis Systems for Neurotransmitter, Neuroinflammation and Disease Marker Detection.

Range of Cell Stretching Systems for Mechanotransduction Studies and Visualization.

Robust EEG, EMG, Biosensor and FSCV Systems for Brain and Behavioral Research.
Intuitive and powerful neural probes designed to support groundbreaking research in electrophysiology.
Recorders and Stimulators for Cellular and Electrophysiology Research.
Physiological Recording Solutions for Rodent and Small Animal Research.
Wireless Optogenetics and Fiber Photometry Solutions.
Data Recording and Sample Preparation.
Tissue Clearing Solutions for Immunostaining.
High quality tissue slicing instruments for research and clinical needs.
All-optical cellular-resolution optogenetics, photostimulation, and imaging tools.
Laboratory equipment for sample preparation.

Brands – We supply products from brands such as Diagnostic Biochips, Pinnacle Technology Inc, Precisionary, Binaree and more!

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