eDAQ’s USB isoPods data recorders are compatible with National Instruments LabVIEW, and other software, using virtual COM port technology. Alternatively, isoPods™ come with a copy of eDAQ’s easy to use Pod-Vu software for data recording. The free version allows recording from a single isoPod unit; a full copy of Pod-Vu allows the user to record from multiple isoPod units connected to the same computer (up to 8 channels).

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Quad Multi Function isoPod with USB Four channel; user-configurable; for recording pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and biosensors
Quad pH Amp with USB Four channel pH meter for recording from pH, ion selective and ORP electrodes
Dissolved Oxygen isoPod with USB a compact dissolved oxygen meter for recording dissolved oxygen using polarographic (Clark) electrodes
pH/ISE isoPod with USB pH meter for recording from pH, ion selective and ORP electrodes
Nitric Oxide isoPod with USB nitric oxide meter for recording nitric oxide using polarographic electrodes
Biosensor isoPod with USB for amperometric electrodes and sensors
Thermocouple isoPod with USB temperature meter for recording temperature using most types of thermocouple probes


RTD/Thermistor isoPod temperature meter for recording temperature with RTD or Thermistor probes
Conductivity isoPod with USB conductivity meter for recording conductivity of a solution with a two electrode conductivity probe


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Quad Multi Function isoPod, Quad pH Amp, Dissolved Oxygen isoPod, pH/ISE isoPod, Nitric Oxide isoPod, Biosensor, Thermocouple, RTD/Thermistor, Conductivity isoPod