ET1601 MINI Ion Selective Electrodes


This range of ion selective electrodes is made with carbon nanotube technology, creating real miniaturized solid state electrodes. Their small size means they can be used for measurements in ultra-low volume samples.

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They are half-cell electrodes and must be used with a separate reference electrode such as the ET1613 MINI Reference Electrode.

The ion selective and reference electrodes can both be connected to the EPU452EP353 or EPU353 isoPods using the EC008 BNC to alligator clips cable.

The following mini electrodes are available:

  • Reference Electrode
  • pH
  • NH4     Ammonium
  • Br       Bromide
  • Ca2     Calcium
  • CI       Chloride
  • Cu2     Copper
  • I          Iodide
  • Li         Lithium
  • Mg2      Magnesium
  • NO3     Nitrate
  • NO2     Nitrite
  • ClO4     Perchlorate
  • Ag        Silver
  • K          Potassium
  • Na        Sodium
  • S2-        Sulfide

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Selective electrode

(Ca2+) Calcium