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Fiber photometry is a powerful technique to detect calcium signal from specific neuron in awake animals using calcium indicator protein represented by GCaMP. In freely moving condition, the long optic fiber attached to the head of the animal can interfere with experimental setup, therefore can be a limitation factor of your project.

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Wireless Fiber Photometry

For in vivo freely behaving animals

Teleopto’s innovative new product, TeleFipho, includes all required components for fiber photometry – optic fiber, filter cube, light source, photo detector – and also wireless transmission circuit, in the very smal 3g body. TeleFipho will not block free behavior of your animals, enabling novel experimental approach using fiber photometry.


  • World first commercial wireless fiber photometry
  • Small headstage / good for mice, rats, marmosets, etc.
  • Standard 2.5mm ferrule cannula
  • Rechargable by a dedicated charger
  • Adjustable excitation LED power
  • Adjustable signal offset
  • For GCaMP or GFP-like indicators


TeleFipho Standard Set consists of the following items:

  • TeleFiT 1x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
  • TeleFiR 1x TeleFipho Receiver
  • TeleFiCharger 1x TeleFipho Charger
  • TeleFiC_x (※) 3x TeleFipho Cannula
  • TeleFiTool 1x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho
  • TeleFiDummy 1x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage
  • 1x TeleFipho software installer

(※) Please specify cannula length. 5mm cannula will come without specifying.

e.g. Cannula length 3.5mm: TeleFic_3.5 (in mm, resolution 0.1mm)


TeleFipho receiver can be directly connected to PC via USB for fiber photometry data recording in TeleFipho software. TeleFipho software is good enough for simple raw data / low pass filtered data recording.

Data can be directly read from Matlab / Octave, or can be exported to ASCII format.
For more complicated online analysis and / or parallel recording of other physiological data, you can access photometry data as analog signal via BNC on the front panel of TeleFipho receiver so that you can connect external data recording system (e.g. PowerLab from ADI).

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Package Contents

TeleFipho Package 1 x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage, Emits signal to receiver, sits onto LED cannula implants when in use, varying battery life.
1 x TeleFipho Receiver, Receives IR signal from headstage, no cable means significantly less noise artifacts
1 x TeleFipho Charger, Charges headstage
3 x TeleFipho Cannulae (please specify fiber length. Default length is 5 mm), Cannula implants to record calcium signal fluorescence
1 x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho, Tool for implantation of cannula
1 x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage, Fake headstage used in between recordings when receiver isn’t needed / is being charged to train the animals to the weight of the setup.
1 x TeleFipho software installer Software