LEDA-X LED Array – In Vitro Optogenetics

In vitro optogenetics LED array for controlling in vitro cells or tissues gene expression.
Long-term and time-controlled light stimulation experiments are possible with this fully waterproof LED array.

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In Vitro Optogenetics LED Array

Optogenetic Control of In Vitro Cell or Tissue Gene Expression

In vitro optogenetics has never been easier, with a completely customizable solution to ensure the best results. This fully waterproof LED array is designed to meet all of your requirements for in vitro optogenetic experiments.
It’s design is compatible with any of the standard commercial multi-well plates. It can be used together e.g. 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well plates.
Teleopto understand the difficulties of in vitro optogenetics, and have optimized this LED array to ensure maximum output. It is perfectly made for 96 well plates, with each LED sitting under each individual well.

By the mode switch of LAD-1 LED Array Driver you can choose constant mode or trigger mode. In trigger mode, the Trg In BNC on the back panel is used for receiving trigger TTL pulses from a stimulator so that it enables time-controlled pulsed stimulation in-vitro.

Color code:

  • V: 400nm
  • B: 470nm
  • G: 530nm
  • Y: 590nm
  • R: 630nm
  • I: 940nm

We will support your research by supplying you with the manuals and materials necessary to carry out your specific experiments. The colour code chart above indicates each colour and  the wavelength associated with each. If you are not sure what colour you require, we are more than happy to help.

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By Teleopto.

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