Uniaxial Cell Stretching System (ST-1500)



ST-1500 Main Unit/Control Unit

Stretch cells in culture by applying a stress load to cells growing in-vitro.

  • Simultaneously stretches cells in a single chamber in one direction while allowing for imaging pre- and post-stretch.
  • Real-time imaging possible at 10x magnification.
  • 64 available preprogrammed stretching patterns to save time.

Uniaxial system with 1 cm chamber size allows for: 

  • Ion Mobilization.
  • Calcium Influx.
  • Nitric Oxide production studies

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Uniaxial Cell Stretching System

Microscope compatible system for single direction stretching studies

The ST-1500 is a uniaxial cell system with a microscope mounted on top of the system for applying stress loads to cells in vitro and images before and during stretching.


System Configuration System Specification
Main Unit: Compatible with Nikon and Olympus (standard). Optional support for Ziess and Leica.

Control Unit: Actuates the main unit to implement the desired stretching pattern Cell-stretching functionality for one cell culture and assay environments (optional)

  • Employs 4 cm² chambers
  • Employs 1 cm² chambers

Stretching patterns: up to 64 patterns

Stretch direction: uniaxial


Different system components:

ST-1500 (Double Motor)

Stretches from both sides of the chamber to enable cells to remain inside the viewing area at 10x magnification in real time. In order to capture an image at maximum resolution (up to 40x), the motor must be turned off briefly.

ST-1500 – Main Unit


ST-1500 on EtaLuma Microscope


Mounted ST-1500 close-up

ST-1500 enables observation of morphological changes and ion dynamics of cells under the stress of mechanical stretching. The main stretch unit mounts directly on the microscope stage, while the controller directs the stretch unit to apply the desired automated mechanical stretch stimulus on the cells under observation.

Uniaxial system with small 1 cm chamber size allows for studies in Ion Mobilization, Calcium Influx and Nitric Oxide production studies.

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Is the Uniaxial cell stretching system not what you need? See our complete list of cell stretching systems here. If you are unsure what model is best suited for your experiments, contact us directly or make an enquiry of this product using the button below. After supplying us with information about your experimental set-up, we will advise on the most suitable system.