MICROVAP Triple Microplate Evaporator



The triple plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator combines three 96 needle manifolds and three heat blocks into a single platform. This allows for simultaneous evaporation of up to three 96 well plates. Up to 288 samples can be evaporated simultaneously.

Ideal for high capacity, low volume experiments.

The triple plate MICROVAP’s solid aluminum heating units provide consistent temperature for uniform evaporation rates throughout all three plates.

    • High throughput: Evaporate up to three 96 well plates at once
    • Ease of use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
    • Flexibility: Toggle switches allow gas flow to be turned on and off at each plate

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*Note: Only unheated version available in Europe. 

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MICROVAP Triple Microplate Evaporator

Consistent temperature for uniform evaporation rates of up to 288 samples.

Each of the 96 needle manifolds on the MICROVAP triple microplate evaporator is equipped with its own toggle switch. This allows gas flow to be shut down when all three microplates are not in use to conserve nitrogen gas, saving laboratories money. A convenient dual band spring hoist assembly ensures ease of use for the operator when lowering and raising the needle manifolds. The digital temperature controller is easy to read and allows temperature to be controlled with an accuracy of /- 0.5 °C up to the maximum temperature of 130°C in up to 288 samples.  An adjustable 0-100 lpm flow meter is included for precise control over the nitrogen gas delivery system. Below are some of the MICROVAP Triple Microplate Evaporator’s features.

Standard Features:

    • Adjustable flow meter
    • Digital temperature control
    • High temperature limit switch
    • High pressure tubing
    • 2 inch x 19 gauge needles
    • Nitrogen filter
    • Anodized aluminum dry block

Optional Features:

    • Z-Purge/Positive pressure purge case

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The range of MICROVAPS use a dry block in order to heat up the samples, and are ideal for the controlled concentration of small samples. If you require a different form of heat method, we also supply both the MULTIVAP and the N-EVAP product lines which include the option of a WATER BATH.

Is a triple 96-well plate too much for your experiments? If 288 samples is too many, you might like out 96-well plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator..

Only need to evaporate a small number of samples? Both a 15 – and 24 – position MICROVAP are also available.

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