Mightex’s market-leading Polygon DMD pattern illuminator provides precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it the perfect illumination tool for life science research.

  • Cellular-Resolution Optogenetics and Photostimulation

  • Simultaneous Multi-Region Illumination

  • Subcellular Resolution

  • Compatible with Any Microscope

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600 Labs Worldwide, 100 Publications Using Polygon

Polygon Key Features

Spatio-Temporal and Intensity Control of Light

Control the initiation, duration, and intensity of light stimulation patterns using the Polygon. Create different waveforms to control the light intensity and duration outputted from the Polygon.


The Polygon1000-DL is a flexible solution for large field of view or high-power patterned illumination applications, as this patterned illuminator can be used with any fiber-coupled lightsource (400-700nm), such as high-power lasers. This Polygon1000 model has been designed for high-power applications, such as in vivo optogenetics.
  • Wavelengths: 400-700nm
  • Lightsource: fiber-coupled

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