The OASIS Macro is a mesoscope for all-optical targeted optogenetics, calcium imaging, and intrinsic imaging. The OASIS Macro enables researchers to simultaneously image the entire mouse cortex and perform targeted optogenetics (with Mightex’s market-leading Polygon DMD illuminator).

  • Large field of view for in vivo imaging and optogenetics

  • Targeted optogenetics

  • Reconfigurable mesoscope

  • Designed for in vivo experiments

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Mesoscope for Optical Imaging and Targeted Optogenetics

Reconfigurable In Vivo Mesoscope for Optical Imaging and Optogenetics

Mightex’s OASIS Macro is designed as a reconfigurable mesoscope for in vivo imaging and optogenetics. The final system can be tailored to performance requirements for unique applications. This can include major features such as adding a second and third illumination source, or a dual-camera imaging system, as well as fine details including compatibility features for certain cameras and objectives.

OASIS Macro Key Features:

Large Field of View Calcium Imaging and Intrinsic Imaging

The OASIS Macro is designed to image the activity of thousands of neuronal populations across the entire cortex of a head-fixed mouse or large cortical areas of an awake animal. The lenses compatible with the OASIS Macro provide a large field of view, compared to conventional microscopes.

Synchronize with Behavioural or Electrophysiology Equipment

Easily synchronize imaging or optogenetics with other lab equipment. Synchronize with your stimulation patterns or imaging with electrophysiology or behavioural equipment.

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