Joint Teflon Tubing, JT-10

  • 0.1 mm ID
  • Solvent is not required to connect tubing. Each end is reinforced with stainless steel sleeve. Tubing passes through the sleeve so that sample never touches the metal.
  • Pre-attached, flexible Byton Connectors make it easy to connect to microdialysis probe from Eicom, or other major manufacturers, as well as other pieces of Teflon® Tubing.
  • Standard size of JT-10 is 50 cm with 4 µl internal volume. This volume does not include the space inside the the Byton connector.
  • Virtually any length is available. If you don’t see the length you want in the dropdown menu below, contact us for a quote.
  • Chemically clean. The absence of any ghost peaks has been confirmed for each Eicom analytical application.
  • FEP tubing (JF-10) is available with 0.25 mm ID for push-pull methodology.

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