Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit Rapid


Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid is the rapid tissue clearing system for the large-volume sample, also known as the fastest solution in the market.

You can finish a whole mouse brain tissue clearing in 6 hrs.

  • Rapid clearing: a whole zebrafish brain 1 hour, mouse brain 6 hours,  rat brain 48 hours.
  • Automatic control: tissue clearing adaptive programmed powered supply. simple panel for process
  • Adaptive for large samples: the porous support is structured to cope with the change in size during clearing.
  • Protect your markers: automatic temperature control. non-organic based Binaree Tissue Clearing Technology

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Rapid Clearing

  • Zebrafish brain 1 hour 
  • Mouse brain 6 hours
  • Rat brain 48 hours

Automatic control

  • Tissue clearing adaptive programmed power supply
  • Simple panel for process

Adaptive for large sample

  • The porous support is structured to cope with the change in size during clearing.

Protect your markers

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Non-organic solvent-based tissue clearing technology

3D analysis for the deep tissue sample without slide section

Deep tissue sample, Tissue Clearing Rapid, Cleared sample, imaging, 3D deconvolution, Quantitative analysis with location information.

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Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid vs. 

  • PACT
  • BABB(F)
  • Ethanol-ECi
  • uDISCO
  • 3DISCO

Binaree, Inc. is developing and commercializing innovative tools and enables three-dimensional investigation of a tissue’s molecular and structural information through rapid clearing and immunostaining of tissues.

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