Tethered Rat FSCV and Optogenetics System

Pinnacle Technology

Our tethered mouse FSCV system uses head-mounted hardware and a low-torque commutator.

To provide optimal signal-to-noise, all sweep generation and digitization is implemented on the headstage. A stimulus control is available via an external tether.

This model integrates Pinnacle’s optogenetic system to give researchers more control over their experiments.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

8214-KIN: 12-Pin Rat Commutator
8215-FSCV-R: Cable from Commutator to FSCV Interface Box
8215-opto: Stimulus Control Cable from OGIM to FSCV Interface Box
8417-AD: Adapters for Power Supply
8417-PS: Power Supply
8426: 18″ Mounting Plate
8480: Optogenetic Interface Module
8504: FSCV Interface Box
8512-opto: Optical Control Cable from OGIM to FSCV Interface Box
8514-opto: Cable from OGIM to LED Probe
8519-opto: Tethered FSCV + Opto Headstage
8521: BNC to RCA Connector
9002: USB Cable (2)