COMPRESSTOME® Vibratome VF-300


Covered by a 1-year warranty (included!)

The Compresstome® VF-300 vibrating microtome is a basic model for cutting tissue sections for electrophysiology and immunohistochemistry.

  • Slices over 5x faster than other market vibrating microtomes
  • Fully automated slicing
  • Light footprint for increased portability

Please note that this vibratome model does not include our patented Auto Zero-Z technology.

This model is equivalent to the Leica 1000S model.

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The VF-300 is designed as a basic model by our engineers. This tissue slicer has a movable motor box for rapid loading of samples for cutting, along with a separate control box. Check out its key features:


There are many different types of tissue slicers on the market, but they don’t operate the way that the COMPRESSTOME® Vibratome VF-300 does. Other market vibratomes will have a flat stage where you glue your tissue sample, with a cutting blade that approaches horizontally. However, the blade can easily push your tissue sample and squish, tilt, and compress it—all of these effects may damage cells and tissue architecture.


When using the COMPRESSTOME® Vibratome VF-300, you will embed your tissue in agarose inside a specimen tube. The open end of the specimen tube has a slightly tapered edge. As tissue and agarose cross the edge of the tube, it gets slightly compressed. This compression helps stabilize the tissue during sectioning, and allows the Compresstome® to section at speeds up to 5x faster than other market vibrating microtomes. Overall, the Compresstome® provides a significant improvement on the health and longevity of live slices, and virtually eliminates chattermarks in fixed tissue slices.

Don’t worry–The agarose embedding does not decrease cell viability. Rather, it enhances cell survival because of tissue stability. The agarose solution is quickly cooled down with a chilling block during sample preparation. With the Compresstome®, your tissue can be sectioned faster because of the agarose-induced stability. As a result, cells are never without oxygenation for a long time, and the added stability of the compression significantly reduces any blade damage.

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