Wireless Rat FSCV System

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Pinnacle’s wireless fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) system allows researchers to employ the FSCV technique in an untethered mode with rats.

Possible uses of the wireless system include measurements within a maze or other enclosed environments, such as metabolic and behavioral chambers.

A stimulus control is available via an external tether. The system resides in a head-mounted enclosure and transmits data to a computer via Bluetooth. The battery is easily accessible and readily exchangeable in real-time to support extended recordings.

The system can acquire data at 5 sweeps/sec and 1,000 points/sweep.

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Wireless Rat FSCV System

Wireless rat FSCV. Fast scan cyclic voltametry for the detection of neurotransmitters such as catecholamines in freely moving rats.

The kit includes the following:

8501: Wireless FSCV Board

8502: Bluetooth Dongle

9052: 3′ USB Extension Cable

How It Works

Changes in analyte concentration are detected by rapidly cycling a voltage across an implanted carbon fiber sensor and measuring the resultant current. Pinnacle’s FSCV system can measure spontaneous sub-second neurotransmitter release while conducting detailed behavioral studies. Both the wireless and tethered systems scan up to 1,000 V/s in a user-selectable range spanning -0.6 to 1.5 V. All systems have built-in support for controlling an external stimulus.

Key Features of Wireless Rat FSCV System

The Rat Hat houses the battery and protects the system.

A low-powered, wireless FSCV board transmits digitized signals to a paired Bluetooth® USB dongle.

The Rat Hat bottom contains the electronics, guide cannula, and carbon fiber sensor. It is affixed to the skull with bone screws and dental acrylic.

Stereotaxically placed guide cannulas allow easy insertion of carbon fiber sensors.

  • Image bullet Voltage Span: -0.6 V to 1.5 V
  • Image bullet Max scan rate: 1,000 V/s
  • Image bullet Max sweeps/second: 10
  • Image bullet Max points/sweep: 1,000

Preprogrammed and Custom Waveforms

The FSCV software offers preprogrammed waveforms associated with the commonly studied analytes: dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and adenosine. Custom waveforms can be easily uploaded as well, and stored in a drop-down menu for quick selection.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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