Wireless Rat FSCV and Optogenetics System – 8500-K12

Pinnacle Technology

Wireless Rat FSCV and Optogenetics System by Pinnacle Technology allows for the study of freely moving rats, making it ideal for mazes, metabolic and behavioral chambers, as well as enclosed environments.

Our head-mounted preamplifier transmits data via Bluetooth® and the long-lasting, rechargeable battery is easily accessible and readily exchangeable.

Optogenetics allows for stimulation and precise control and a variety of inputs/outputs.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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The Wireless Rat FSCV and Optogenetics System – 8500-K12 by Pinnacle Technology.

The kit includes the following:

8501-Opto: Wireless FSCV Opto Board
8502: Bluetooth Dongle
9052: 3′ USB Extension Cable

For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing an accessory kit (8500-K12) to complement the hardware system.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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