Wireless Rat EEG/EMG 3 Channel System

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Turn-key rat wireless EEG/EMG system records up to three biopotentials simultaneously and present data in real time for review. This lightweight, head-mounted Bluetooth® device enables animals to move freely. Ideal for behavioral paradigm studies and group housed research. Record data from multiple animals at once with no interference. This system is designed for rat models.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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Wireless rat EEG/EMG 3 channel system for freely moving rodent studies.

Pinnacle offers three-channel wireless rat EEG/EMG systems for mice and rat long-term studies. The lightweight, headmounted Bluetooth® wireless amplifier streams data to a computer in real-time using a small USB dongle receiver and the Sirenia® software suite. When combined with Pinnacle’s prefabricated headmounts, wireless rat EEG/EMG electrode placement is simple and straightforward to ensure consistent, reliable results. Our wireless rat EEG systems use off-the-shelf batteries, making electrophysiology telemetry easy and cost-effective. The electronics are the same for both the rat and mouse version.

The kit contains:

8274-SE3 Wireless Rat Potentiostat – Seizure
8274-D Dongle for the 8274
9052 3′ USB Extension Cable
9028 Sirenia® CD
9008 USB Driver Install Disc & Installation Instructions
8295 8200 3-Channel EEG/EMG System User Manual
9029 Sirenia® Manual

This kit also comes in an Extended Input Range version with the 8274-SE3 replaced by the 8274-SE3-EI.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

For new users, Pinnacle recommends the purchase of an accessory kit for use with the wireless system. Kits include all necessary one-time purchases, such as testing equipment and enough surgical supplies to complete initial surgeries.

Pinnacle’s hardware kits include a potentiostat, Bluetooth® dongle, battery, battery board, free acquisition software and step-by-step manual guides. Configurations are shown in the table to the right. They are the same for mice and rats.

Looking for intergrated optogenetics?

Pinnacle has different electronics and accessories for customers wanting to integrate optogenetics with wireless rat EEG/EMG. The system weight is 23 g including batteries, enclosure and electronics.

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3 EEG Wireless Rat System for Seizure

3 EEG for Seizure, 3 EEG for Seizure Extended Input Range