Oxygen Biosensor 2-Channel +/- Wireless System

Pinnacle Technology

The /- system is to be used with oxygen sensors.

For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing an accessory kit (8100-K7) to complement the hardware system.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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Pinnacle’s wireless oxygen sensor system uses Bluetooth® technology to record oxygen levels from one animal. Multiple systems can be used in one room without interference.

Pinnacle’s oxygen biosensors can be used with Pinnacle’s electronics and software to routinely record and analyze second-by-second concentration changes in the brains of freely moving animals. Our oxygen sensor is a 180 μm disc electrode with an integrated reference and operates under a -0.6 V bias.

The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

8172-O2: LE Bluetooth /- Wireless Potentiostat
9052: Bluetooth Dongle
9054: 3′ USB Extension Cable

*Note: Biosensors are sold separately.

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

Pinnacle Technology offer a range of tethered and wireless biosensor systems. See the full range here.

The oxygen sensor is linear across the physiological range. The oxygen sensor is purchased by cannula type. A rat locking cannula is used when only inserting one sensor. We reccomend the rat friction fit cannula when using 2 sensors simultaneously.

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Real-time data

High specificity

Fast Sample Data

Fast Response Time

Low Analyte Consumption