2-Channel Wireless Backpack Biosensor System

Pinnacle Technology

The backpack is used to redistribute weight from the rats head, ensuring more natural physiological activity.

Common uses include:
– in vivo neurochemical detection.
– neurochemical monitoring during behaviour and social studies.
– Neuropharmacology
– Biomarker identification
– Investigating cognitionbehaviorcircadian cyclesstresslearning, memorysleepseizurevigilance state and new drug effects.

Available sensors for:
– Glutamate
– Glucose
– Lactate
– Ethanol
– Choline

Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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Two channel wireless backpack biosensor system for rat studies. The addition of a backpack redistributes the weight of the system from the head, reducing restriction of the animals normal physiological movement.


TWO-CHANNEL AND THREE-CHANNEL WIRELESS BIOSENSOR SYSTEMS are available for recording neurochemical concentrations in freely moving rats. Both turn-key systems use Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly transmit data to Pinnacle’s Sirenia® Acquisition software via a USB dongle. They provide a platform for high capacity biosensor studies and are well suited for group-housed and behavioral experiments.

The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

8164: 2-Channel LE Bluetooth Wireless Potentiostat Backpack
9033-AZ675: Zinc Air Battery (pkg. of 4)
9052: 3′ USB Extension Cable
9054: Bluetooth Dongle


Made by Pinnacle Technology.

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