MICROVAP Microplate Evaporator



The single plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator is one of the most compact sample concentrators available, and it continues to meet the needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industries.

This microplate concentrator is ideal for laboratories needing efficient solutions for the gentle evaporation of high capacity, low volume samples in 96-well microplates and 96-well deep well plates.

  • Compact design: The MICROVAP product line has the smallest footprint of all of Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators
  • Ease of use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
  • Versatility: Quickly convert dry block and/or gas manifold to 15 or 24 positions using conversion kits

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*Note: Only unheated version available in Europe. 


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96-well Microplate Evaporator

A single plate MICROVAP for high capacity, low volume samples

In order for the single plate MICROVAP to evaporate high boiling point solvents effectively, the digital temperature controller and solid aluminum heating unit provide uniform heat up to 130°C with temperature accuracy of /- 0.5°C. The gas delivery manifold offers continuous evaporation via 2 inch x 19 gauge stainless steel needles. A version without heat is available for evaporations that will be performed at ambient temperatures. Below are the feature associated with the MICROVAP microplate evaporator.

Standard Features:

    • Adjustable flow meter
    • Digital temperature control
    • High temperature limit switch
    • High pressure tubing
    • 2 inch x 19 gauge needles
    • Nitrogen filter
    • Anodized aluminum dry block

The microplate evaporator is an ideal solution for low colume samples that require a consistent temperature for uniform evaporation rates.  Both microplates and deep-well plates are compatible with the MICROVAP Evaporator, making it one of Organomation’s most popular products. 

Optional Features:

    • Z-Purge/Positive pressure purge case
    • Manifold and stand only; no heating platform

Made by Organomation.

If you are unsure of what model you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Alternatively, you can fill out the questionnaire under the “Find Your Configuation” button above.

Organomation supply a diverse range of nitrogen evaporators to suit every experimental set-up.  The range of MICROVAPS use a dry block in order to heat up the samples, and are ideal for the controlled concentration of small samples.   If you require a different form of heat method, we also supply both the MULTIVAP and the N-EVAP product lines which include the option of a WATER BATH.

96-wells too many for your experiments? Both a 15 – and 24 – position MICROVAP are available if your experiment only requires a small number of sample preparation.

Single plate MICROVAP not enough for your experiments? We also offer a 3 x 96 well plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator.

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