MultiSensor Teaching Kit


This kit includes all the hardware, software and electrodes to develop a range of experiments for teaching students about sensors and biosensors used in chemistry and biochemistry.

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You can reconfigure the Quad MF isoPod yourself to measure pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, voltage and amperometric sensors.

Instead of buying separate meters to record pH, temperature, conductivity etc, this economical and flexible precision instrument will do it all in one.

The kit includes Pod-Vu software for collecting and plotting data. You can also use your own software such as LabVIEW, C#, or use WinWedge or HyperAccess to log the data directly into Excel. The EPU452 connects directly to the computer using USB.

The sensor kit includes:

The kit can be used, together with other equipment, to perform a range of exciting teaching sensor experiments including:

  • Measuring the pH of everyday drinks
  • Determining how waste can alter the acidity of soil and how the pH can affect the growth of plants
  • Recording the effects of antacids on stomach acidity
  • Measuring the enthalpy of neutralisation of an acid-base reaction
  • Determination of the sodium monofluorophosphate content of a toothpaste sample using a fluoride ion-selective electrode
  • Monitoring the oxygen consumption of a shrimp
  • Measuring the rate of photosynthesis with an oxygen meter
  • Monitoring the respiration rate of germinating seeds using a pressure sensor
  • Measuring the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by a human in rest and during exercise

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