ET1615 Modular Ion Selective Electrode Inserts


This range of modular inserts fit into the ET1632 and ET1633 electrodes. Together with a reference electrode, this creates an ion selective electrode.

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Purchase one insert today to measure a single ion and upgrade later by simply purchasing the insert for a different ion.

The electrode is made with carbon nanotube technology which provides high stability and sensitivity.

  • Must be used with either the ET1632 or ET1633 electrodes
  • Works with a standard reference electrode
  • Diameter: 4.6 mm
  • Length: 50 mm
  • Cannot be used in organic solvents
  • Working temperature range: 5º to 50ºC
  • Working pH range: see Specifications Table

The following modular inserts are available:

  • Reference Electrode
  • pH
  • NH4     Ammonium
  • Br       Bromide
  • Ca2     Calcium
  • CI       Chloride
  • Cu2     Copper
  • I          Iodide
  • Li         Lithium
  • Mg2      Magnesium
  • NO3     Nitrate
  • NO2     Nitrite
  • ClO4     Perchlorate
  • Ag        Silver
  • K          Potassium
  • Na        Sodium
  • S2-        Sulfide

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