ET1117 Polarographic Oxygen Electrode


A traditional polarographic (Clark style) oxygen electrode for chemical or biological applications. The electrode must be attached to an oxygen meter/preamplifier that polarises the platinum cathode to about -0.8 V with respect to the anode while measuring the current flow. Supplied with magnetic stirbar and spare membrane.

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Dissolved oxygen is reduced to hydroxide at the cathode, while the silver anode is oxidised:

O2     2H2O      4e     _____>      4OH

4Ag     4Cl    _____>      4AgCl      4e

and the resulting current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen.

  • Typical signal: 400 ± 75 nA in air saturated water at 25°C
  • Response time: 0 – 98% of full response in less than 60 s at 25°C
  • Cathode:   Platinum
  • Anode:   Silver
  • Body:   ABS plastic, 12 mm dia x 120 mm long
  • Cable length:   1 m
  • Connector:   BNC

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