Deep Array Probes – 32-128 Channels

Diagnostic Biochips

Deep Array Probes by Diagnostic Biochips are the leading market option for electrophysiology, neural recording and chemical sensing neurosensors.

New Deep Array probes provide unprecedented single unit recording quality in deep brain structures and enable chronic and acute recording in NHP and other large animals, with up to 128 microelectrodes integrated on a mechanically robust, yet chronically stable stainless steel substrate.

The science is hard…the tools shouldn’t be

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Diagnostic Biochips introduces new Deep Array Probes. 

Designed as an alternative to silicon probes for deep structure (25-90mm) recordings.

  • Intan chips integrated for 64-chan and 128-chan probes (12-pin SPI connection)
  • Passive 36-pin Omnetics for 32-chan probes

Made by Diagnostic Biochips.

Intuitive and powerful probes designed to support groundbreaking research in electrophysiology. Stream high density data with our cloud-based software for spike sorting and analysis – anywhere, anytime.

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From Deep Array Probes to software, DBC’s plug and play products are ready to use right out of the box.  We are focused on making powerful and intuitive products that let you focus on your next breakthrough.

Power, elegant, easy-to-use systems for electrophysiology.

The science is hard…the tools shouldn’t be.