Digital mTC3 3Ch micro-Temp controller

Cell MicroControls

The mTC3 3Ch micro-Temperature Controller is a sophisticated 3 channel temperature controller powerful enough to heat small tissue baths, microscope stages, small animal heaters etc. but also able to control miniature heating devices like the MPRE8, HPRE2 and thin ITO heaters. The mTC3 uses state-of-the-art microcontrollers to provide a flexible instrument rather than a modular PID design where there is no control over the user interface and instrument function. The mTC3 has two ways of driving heaters, with a PWM (pulse width modulated 2.5-20kHz) or an analog output (10bit) for lower noise. In the PWM mode it can control currents up to 1.5Amps provided by a Li-ion battery or 15V power supply.

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  • Sophisticated miniature low power controller for heating small tissue baths, microscope stages, small animal heaters, portable incubator
  • 3 independent channels
  • Compatible with many low voltage heater elements
  • USB/RS232 port for control, logging
  • 2 heating modes, PWM [8W] or analog (10bit) [2W]
  • Maintains setpoint and parameters in EEPROM
  • Firmware reprogrammable – for upgrades, customization