CMC CH Cooling-heating module

Cell MicroControls

The CH Module is a self-contained Peltier cooling (heating) device for small experimental preparations. It is operated off 12Volts DC @ 2.5Amp†; this eliminates 60Hz interference. Unlike conventional cooling/heating systems, the CH Module has no cumbersome water jacket. Instead, the Peltier element is cooled by a fan mounted on a heatsink (the fan can be mounted separately from the heatsink to eliminate any problems caused by vibration). To maximize working space on the microscope stage the entire CH Module is placed at a distance; a slender heatpipe (see Operation of heatpipe for description) transports heat between the microscope stage and the CH Module. The surface of the heatpipe can be used to pre-cool (or heat) inflowing solutions and/or may be attached to a metal plate which in turn cools the experimental chamber.

The CM module and temperature control unit sold separately.

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  • Simple device for cooling/heating flowing solutions.
  • Access to confined microscope stage provided by heatpipe
  • Air cooled heatsink-no fluid required
  • Inexpensive

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Weight 1.5 kg