CMC Analog TC2BIP Bipolar Tremperature Controller

Cell MicroControls

The TC2BIP was designed for patch clamp/microscopy studies where low noise and accuracy are critical. It is flexible enough to put 2Amps into a 12V Peltier device (see our CH Cooling/Heating module) or as little as 0.25Amps into our MPRE8 8Ch Pre-heater. It can easily be upgraded to 3 channel operation. Typically the Main channel is used for the tissue chamber, Aux channel for the HPRE2 Pre-heater and the 3rd channel (if installed) for the MPRE8 for superfusion but there are many other possibilities. The setpoint range can be extended beyond the standard 50°C range to >60°C for studies on nociception.

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  • Bipolar, 2 channel [3rd opt] controller for heating/cooling tissue chambers
  • DC/Battery powered to eliminate interference
  • Flexible controller, many control options
  • Accurate temperatures for wide range of flow rates
  • For conventional and inverted microscopes
  • External input for programmed temperature changes
  • Compatible with thin transparent (ITO) heaters
  • Uniform temperatures (<±1°C) over >35x18mm area with HI-24p
  • Rapid temperature changes (>0.5°C) with BT-1-xx Tissue chambers & HI-24p ITO Heater

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