CMC 8 Channel inline heater

Cell MicroControls

Made  by Cell MicroControls.

  • Dims. 10 x 0.4cm (LxDiam); heater resistance ≈11Ω
  •  Thermistor sensor: 10kΩ NTC
  •  Plugs into Heater Aux or TC2-Ch3 of TC2BIP or mTCII

CMC 8 Channel inline heater and temperature control unit sold separately.

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Weight 0.1 kg

HPRE2 Pre-heater 10kohm Sensor, HPRE2-NC Pre-heater 10kohm sensor (no cable), MPRE8 Pre-heater 8-channel miniature, MPRE8-NC Pre-heater 8-channel miniature (no cable)