CMC 8 Channel 8 Flow/ 8 Switch Control system

Cell MicroControls

The versatile cFlow 8 Channel Switch/Flow controller can be used to switch solutions as well as control the flow rate. For flow control optical sensors that fit around standard dripsets detect the passing droplets. The controller adjusts the valve open time to compensate for different size tubing, pressure head. In switched mode the cFlow can rapidly switch between solutions (eg. using MPRE8). Any channel can be set for flow or switched mode.

Push buttons select the flow channel or commands can be given from the RS232 interface, analog or digital input (using optional cable).

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  • 8 Ch perfusion control
  • Rapid pinch valve switching (typ. 50ms)
  • Simultaneous flow control (0.1-10ml/min).
  • RS232, analog, digital interface (CLAMPEX)
  • Upgradeable firmware via RS232

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Weight 1.5 kg